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Our First Newsletter is out!

We are celebrating today because we are about to send out our first newsletter (ever)! Since we began Thrive-in Collaboration 2 1/2 years ago, so much has happened. We've juggled limited resources with increasing invitations, ambitious intentions and the responsibilities of living daily life.

It's such a privilage to be invited to do the work we are doing, supporting others to learn and evolve in collaboration. And we are forever humbled as we navigate the same learning journey for ourselves.

The last year has been much about building new connections, and consolidating many strands of our work through application and repetition. This year we are looking forwards to spending more time on documenting what we're learning, accepting more inhouse engagements and finishing off exciting projects that we've begun. For now our main focus remains on sharing Sociocracy 3.0 with the world.

Click on the page below to read the full newsletter.

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