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What others say about our work

Sociocracy 3.0 is a way to collaborate that is self-correcting and highly effective. It incorporates plural perspectives in a beautiful way. I strongly believe it makes the world, our homes and our organizations a better place to live and work in, it makes our collaborations so much more fruitful. It enlightens our way of work, and that’s why I am a believer.

I have never been to a training that was so connecting, enlightening and enriching. Lili and James showed us that we really can be the ones we are waiting for.

Dette van Zeeland

Collaboration Coach, Belgium

The Sociocracy 3.0 Deepening Course had a therapeutic effect on me. I facilitated a 3 hour workshop today and the difference was clearly noticeable for me. Not necessarily in the techniques I used but the inner calm I experienced. 

Jan De Baere

Agile coach, Belgium

Lili and James embody the Sociocracy 3.0 values and walk their talk. There are not many trainers that can achieve this level of engagement from participants that sparks deep conversations and creates change. I am grateful for the journey. 

Marcin Konkel

Agile Coach, Alegro Group

Not just a course on Sociocracy 3.0, but a course on how to run courses. 

Jonathan Gregory

Atoss consultant

I want to tell you an anecdote on the effect S3 has had on our organization - I was just thinking about it yesterday when we had our weekly meeting. A year ago typically less than 10 persons dragged themselves to the meeting in which we are supposed to deal the stuff that is important to everyone. The discussion was 75 % filled by our CEO, and others were mainly listening and wondering how this stuff even concerned them, since they were mainly worried about the customer work currently in progress. Yesterday was a typical example of how it is now: 70 % of our staff present, everyone speaking, maybe 10 different persons raising topics to the agenda, all of them telling about the initiatives the circles are working on for the mutual long-term benefit. Everybody saying something, several bursts of spontaneous laughter during the meeting. Of course we already have the meeting effectiveness issues in mind, but as an issue that’s great luxury compared to the one that we used to have - that nobody seemed to care. I hope you have already figured this out without my little story, but the work that you (James) and Lili are doing is saving our work life. 

Management team member

Lean Software Development and IT Consultancy Company

This introduction fundamentally altered my views on organization agility for the better. Sociocracy 3.0's utility and practicality is impressive. 

Aaron Tooth

Independent consultant

You embody what you teach. 

Diego Calizo

Agile Coach

Leading by example. Awesome facilitation and a lot of structure to move things on. 

Jose M. Blasques

Consultant UST Global

I had a great training, learning a lot about S3: good decision making, role selection, navigating through tensions. I've got the necessary inspiration to bring our organization from 60% to 100% self-organization. 

Erik Soonieus

co-founder Rebelwise

Very good facilitation techniques and good flow of the course. 

Israel Alcazar

Agile Coach and Founding Partner at Thinking with you

Lili, Jef and James not only transfer knowledge, but also energy and passion. A great learning experience! 

Frederik Denkens

Cloud expert and business development at

When approaching Sociocracy 3.0 as an abstract theory it is easy to appear cynical, however by having an open mind, listening to the insights that James and Lili provide & the exercises they facilitate, it reveals some fascinating truths that will resonate and create positive change long after the course has ended. 

Stephen Jenkins


More companies want to operate and react like startups while leveraging scale. Sociocracy 3.0 provides patterns for just that plus a bonus of increased employee satisfaction. 

Maciej Szlachta


I was skeptical about it [Sociocracy 3.0] but now I know I was just ignorant.


Consultant at Procognita

I attended a workshop on Sociocracy 3.0 and consent decision-making that James held a few months back. Since then I've had absolutely amazing results using the tools I learned from him in various teams. Consent decision-making (hand-gestures and all) have allowed those teams to make quick, well-informed decisions in a way that makes everyone feel included and engaged. I've found the mindset, principles and tools that James teaches to be immensely powerful.

Erik Frisk

Co-founder, Touch&Tell

A great workshop. Mindful, makes you think, reflect and make sense of the reality around you. The concepts & techniques are highly applicable in organisational environments.


Agile Coach, Spotify, Stockholm, Sweden

I have been on many workshops and trainings during my life and treasure some of them. This workshop will definitely be one of them. James and Lili are great facilitators and create a safe, open and creative environment. I learned not only S3, which I had hoped for, but also about my self(ves), which will help me be more whole, authentic and therefore a better person and leader.

The workshop is highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn about collaboration and ways to increase engagement in your organisation.

Anders L

Agile Coach, Crisp, Stockholm, Sweden

James and Lili are two amazing facilitators, with an impressive experience working with teams and organizations. They have a deep understanding on Sociocracy 3.0 and their energetic and warm presence really contributed for the success of the workshop.

Hugo Lopez

Business, Project and Talent Development at Sngular

I leave inspired by the energy that you both bring into the workshop with your skills, the way they compliment each other and the transparent love & union in your actions. How much inner development it brings!

Xana Piteira

Vala da Lama

James is a skilful facilitator who managed, in a brief workshop, to share his passion and belief in the power of sociocracy, a very exciting concept and methodology for our time. 

Mirella Ferraz

Network of Wellbeing, Totnes, UK

Your firm-and-soothing tone was precisely the type of feminine energy we need to bring to science circles to allow its dynamics to be transformed. You managed to expose your perspective without having to defend it! That's remarkable. I was indeed surprised that my colleagues did not jump to you with the typical critical-skeptic passive-aggressive mode we constantly practice in science. They, of course, had their doubts and reluctances, but I could see that your awareness worked kind of by contagion and, regardless of Sociocracy 3.0 or Skepticism 7.0, something new evolved in that room during those 90 minutes. Thanks.

Alex Gomez-Marin

Postdoctoral Fellow - Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Neuroscience Unit – Lisbon, Portugal

I will use this opportunity to tell you how much I love the course.

I hope to be able to implement some of the methods of sociocracy 3.0 within Vertigo organization.


Adi Sha’al

Vertigo Dance Company and Eco-Art Village, Israel

It was a great experience. As I said, I am very glad that a group of us came from our organisation. It was my first experience in a workshop with other people from abroad and it was great, a lot because of your beautiful facilitation. It is amazing that the contents of the workshop are exactly what we needed and I am sure we will implement a lot from S3. Personally I think that I developed a lot from the workshop.

Mor Gilboa

Executive Director, Green Course – Israel

This immersive course went much beyond my expectations. It gave me a fantastic opportunity to deepen my understanding of S3 principles and implementations through facilitated experiential processes, plus practices. This has empowered me to take my learning forwards and integrate S3 into our organisation. 

Katy Momo Fox

Founder, Designer at Cell Centre for Ecological Learning – Luxembourg

The facilitation: a balance of powerful delivery blended with a deep heart felt connection with the group. Gives space, listens, elicits and supports those in attendance but can draw the line gently and clearly when necessary. Flexible and takes on board the needs of the group.  James’ dedication and experience clearly come across in his presentation and give the feeling of confidence in the process from someone who lives it. He gives himself at least 200% and offers on-going support. After this workshop I was left hungry for more.

John Oleani

Sustainability and Lifestyle Consultant - Munich, Germany

Attending your workshop in Triton, Purmerend, in that very small group of people, on a very hot summer day, was a special, inspiring experience for me. I liked the way you guided us as a teacher and facilitator. Time passed so fast that afternoon!

Chantel Boon

Permerend, Netherlands

Unbelievable - to absorb so much information and learn useful tools without being exhausted; as well as learning the methods of sociocracy,  the way the program is designed gives energy to work from your motivation. I feel eager to adapt. I am happy with the materials and the after-care. Now it is up to me to act and bring these new possibilities that we need so badly nowadays! 

Jolander Deken

Hoorn, Netherlands

The workshop has not only been informative in a very efficient way, it is also given with skills that go far beyond trainer ship. The levels of knowledge and experience in working with people, and of personal development and consciousness of the trainer made that I felt enriched in many ways. This for me turned this workshop into an extremely valuable experience. 

Monique De Jong


S3 – a challenging method for emotional based facilitators. Great richness of diversity in the circle of learning. A big attention to participant needs and feedbacks. Lots of love care and support for each other. Beautifully framed in the Romanian Landscape. Thank you for the unique experience.


7 day S3 immersive – Romania

Wow! How often do you even meet someone who has their own process so handled that they thrive on handling the dis-function in other peoples? James held the space so intent-fully, so gently but firmly, and so respectfully. This was not an easy workshop, with the steep learning curve of sociocratic process and a two year old conflict waiting to be resolved, battling for supremacy… The facilitators art was such we learned the processes while in process! We never lost a member to boredom, (much) or from the room, (for long) in the two long days of the workshop. There were moments when we might have felt all was a hopeless muddle… but we made it. Not a one amongst us would doubt that is was only because of James’s integrity, his faith in us, and his faith in Sociocracy.

Roz Dunwell

Resident, Threshold Centre – UK

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed, and how much I appreciate your approach, your humility, your humanity and your ability to speak to everyone in the room.
To me, the way you handled the ‘elephant in the room’ was miraculous and I am in awe. Only time will tell how much has been taken on board, but I think it was a great start. Thank you.

Gay Ellis

Founder Member, Threshold Centre – UK

This is exactly what I was longing for – feels so useful in my life and in the organisations I work with. Thinking about the future of our planet; we need to find ways to cooperate, and to recognize the importance of each other. To build a world not upon competition, but on values that stretches equal rights and importance. Creating another society requires methods and structures that help us become better humans – structures that give us possibilities to be creative, to listen to each other, to respect each other’s work. The workshop gave me both inspiration and tools, although I feel that a lot of practice is now required.

Lisa Petri

Trainer, Coach - Malmo, Sweden

The S3 course was great. I learned a lot about organisations in general and how applying S3 can make an organisation both effective and inclusive. The course was taught in a very effective way and included theoretical framework, practical details and practical sessions. Great fun and connection.

Marius Blanke


Amazing, present and super professional and skilled, but at the same time human, fun and love-full.
A perfect “balance” between focused and balanced facilitation and behavior! That´s not an easy job, especially in relation to the stress involved in facilitating a workshop as intense and demanding as this was. Demanding in a positive way. 


Sharif Shawky

Social Entrepreneur – Lund, Sweden

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