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February '18 News and Updates

Great things are happening and following our commitment to communicate more frequently about our work and passion, here we are with some exciting news.

Since last time

At the end of January we spent 4 days and nights, locked in an old monastery with 29 other sociocrazies for the Sociocracy 3.0 deepening course in Belgium! We had an international gathering of S3 practitioners where we walked-our-talk pulling in S3 patterns in a mutual quest to deepen learning and understanding of S3 in practice. Thanks to iLean for co-creating this awesome event with us.

In February we ran 2 S3 introductory courses, one in Amsterdam and the other in Zurich. In total another 54 people have now been introduced to S3, and 3 returning participants honed their understanding and skills. Thanks to Part-Up, Agile and Moreand Sfera for helping to make this happen.

We also had the pleasure of a 2 day workshop with the HR function for a 5000 person health authority. We focused on introducing S3 patterns to help them better utilize shared experience and wisdom and navigate the complexities they face. It's such a privilege to journey with others in their working context and see how S3 patterns and related perspectives enable collaboration to evolve.

Currently, we (Lili and James) are in Portugal, enjoying some warmth after the cold - brrrrr - and continuing on the task of developing further S3 learning resources for your learning and practicing pleasure.

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