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Discover Sociocracy 3.0 - Residential course in Portugal

4 months after first contact from Diogo Cordeiro, initiator of this S3 residential course in Portugal, Liliana David and I met with 20 delegates for this hugely successful 4 day deep dive into Sociocracy 3.0.

The course attracted a wide array of participants from various sectors who brought a rich mix of experience to the gathering. The collective field of expertise included IT consultancy and development, theoretical physics, neuroscience, permaculture, child and adult education, psychotherapy, business development and consultancy, performing arts, agricultural engineering and biotechnology.

Originally planned as a 7 day programme similar to the recent Romania immersive, we restructured the schedule to span 4 days after receiving requests from people wishing to attend who were unable to manage a full week.

This 4 day programme proved a succinct way to cover the basics of the S3 framework. The residential format allows time for practice, along with the opportunity to explore the potential benefits of applying S3 principles and patterns in our relationships, and to examine its implications for personal and professional development.

Learning S3 in a rural residential environment contributed towards a rich learning journey. Alongside the main content, participants self-organised a varied morning and evening programme. Synchronicities abounded and our “deep dive” journey began and ended with beautiful weather. Along the way the first autumn storms arrived after 6 months of no rain in the region, exposing us all to the raw elements of life and keeping the process grounded – especially for the intrepid campers who had more air-conditioning than they could have wished for!

The stewards of Biovilla ensured our every need was cared for and the warmth, generosity and care shown by everyone, both to self and to each other, made for a nourishing, fulfilling and delightful journey.

This course was amazing, even if I do say so myself.

Here’s some feedback from participants:

"I leave inspired by the energy that you both bring into the workshop with your skills, the way they compliment each other and the transparent love & union in your actions. How much inner development it brings!"

Xana Piteira, Valle de Lamma, Portugal

"I will use this opportunity to tell you how much I love the course. I hope to be able to implement some of the methods of sociocracy 3.0 within Vertigo organization. I will try helping bring you over here to Israel." Adi Sha’al, Vertigo Dance Company and Eco-Art Village, Israel

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