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And 6 days of Sociocracy training later… sociocrazy!

Our new Sociocracy friend Bodil shares her recent experiences following participation in the 3 day Introduction to Sociocracy and 3 day deepening workshop, Malmö, Sweden, Nov 2014.

“… last week I was facilitating a meeting in a pioneer gift circle [start-up group], and it went so smooth and good, I could hardly believe how beautifully we came to a proposal that all were happy with. It concerned how to welcome and how to become a member, and there have been some very different ideas, and we never really wanted to talk about it, even if we all wanted some clarity… and now Simsalabim, we all felt satisfied, I guess you have seen this magic happen many times, but wow that was so cool and powerful!...”

“…and I also wanted to tell you that on Saturday I'll host a little workshop with role games to pass on some of what I learnt about Sociocracy, I'm all excited, and among other people all my flatmates are also coming so that we can start to use it better at home.”

And then the week after… this!

“…oh, I really want to share with you my happiness that yesterday I led my first sociocractic intro and role games meeting. I gave a small overview greatly inspired by some of your key messages, so thank you! Of course I recognise my growing edges in the topic, but I took good use of the strengths and confidence I gained from your workshop and it went fine! We practiced on consent decision making, picture forming and proposal shaping. We were 8 people, really enjoying it, and it seems that this is the start of a Sociocractic practice group!! Two of them are with me in the pioneer gift circle so they have some practice, and for the rest of them it was new, but they are working with or interested in participatory decision making in different ways. One girl found that this is the missing piece she has been looking for :) And I'm feeling happy for that and more and grateful that I now have people to play with! Next time we will talk about elections and also continue practicing on what we did this first time…”

ps. our private group on facebook for the new sociocracy practice group is called "we are sociocrazy".. one guy created the group and named it, I love the name :)

We love the name as well :) Thank you for sharing this with us, Bodil, so inspiring!

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