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Agile Learning Center Tools Coming to Europe - 9-10 September.

I’m so delighted to be able to share with you about this exciting opportunity to learn about Agile Learning Tools for self-directed education and to extend this invitation to you and others in your network to join us.

Eric Bear - co-founder of Agile Learning Centers, who also founded the first ALC homeschool group in an ecovillage in upstate New York - and Sierra Allen - founding facilitator at Wildwood Agile Learning Community in North Carolina – have generously agreed to come to Barcelona to offer this first Agile Learning Tools workshop in Europe. Together we'll be exploring the latest iterations of the growing body of Agile Learning Tools being applied around the world.

From the late 90's I personally spent 10 years working to lovingly disrupt the mainstream education system in the UK, during which time I was also learning about sociocracy and integrating some of its elements into my work with children and young people. Learning about Agile and Lean thinking has been a more recent journey for me.

Today, just as in organizations, more effective learning environments are a hot topic and for our children too and are evolving fast. But due to a complexity of constraints, there still remains a huge gap between what we know to be the most nourishing, productive and necessary environments for children to learn and blossom into their fuller potential, and the reality of the majority of schools and learning contexts we are collectively accountable for providing!

This can all change of course, and it is, but it begins with each one of us taking the time to invest energy into manifesting the new, and making the sometimes courageous and often controversial choice to do things differently to the norms of the consensus reality.

The rapid movement growing around Agile Learning Centers is an example of exactly this spirit of courage, determination and wisdom in action. Along with other awesome initiatives – EduScrum - Agile Classrooms -The Alliance for Self-Directed Education - Agora, Sociocracy 3.0, etc, the agile mindset and relating practices are been experimented with iteratively and evolved incrementally, to build a body of empirically demonstrable practices that facilitate the learning of our children to learn for themselves.

The evidence is overwhelming that the adults of tomorrow need courage, creativity, determination and the capacity to continuously learn for themselves, to navigate and thrive in the complexities of our time. Agile Learning Practices and a self-directed approach to education, actively ensures that these natural and treasured traits of our children not only remain alive as they grow through the years, but that they can blossom and thrive.

Please take the time to share about this opportunity through your networks. It has been a short notice decision for Sierra and Bear to come and we’d like to ensure everyone who would enjoy to attend has every opportunity to join if they can.

Hope to meet you there.


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