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Scrum Master, Sociocracy Expert, Product Manager! - What are We Saying Exactly?

On 23rd October 2015 Melissa Perri @lissijean tweeted:

Product "Manager"

Product "Owner"

Scrum "Master"

I have no idea why people aren't collaborating!


So while we're on the topic, let's not just pick bones with Scrum,

Classic sociocracy says things like:

Top Circle

Global Top Circle

Operations Leader


Certified experts

Global Sociocratic New World Order!!!

Ermm, does anyone else feel slightly nervous hearing these terms or is it just me?

Assuming we genuinely wish for alternatives, do you think we could phrase things a little differently these days to fit emerging paradigms and context? After all, a little continuous improvement never hurt anyone, right?

Or does this language reveal a cultural entrenchment in ways of seeing the world that is more like that which is sought to be changed than some may currently (wish to) acknowledge?

We teach what we most need to learn it seems – myself included. Humble pie is my daily breakfast. Forgive me that which I don’t know and help me recall that which I’ve forgotten. Thank you for mirroring me!

It’s interesting how often the strategies that we most treasure, end up bringing about the very things we were seeking to avoid.

Referring to my own domain of current interest, this is not to dis-honor those who so committedly carried the sociocracy challis thus far. Let me explicitly honour and say thank you to Gerard Endenburg, Kees Booke, Annewiek Reimer, Pieter Van Der Meche, John Buck, Sharon Villines and the oh so many others who have dedicated their lives to facilitating change...

…only it's not enough now and it's becoming impossible to recognise every single individual. We’re all contributing to tomorrow and we can’t facilitate global change like it’s some kind of pyramid scheme, no matter how well meaning.

Is it really so much about personal recognition anymore? Can we perhaps put more focus into recognising ourselves and then get out of each other’s way enough to allow that which longs to be, to emerge? Blue Ocean Strategy says much the same as the Hopi Elder – see who is in there with you and celebrate – collaborate, collaborate, collaborate!

Language reflects culture. Culture shapes language. Consciousness facilitates change.

I'm happy to see The Sociocracy Group finally catching up with terms like "an open framework"... Next up, how about Creative Commons Licence the norms? Open source the patterns! Acknowledge and have regular conversations with the growing body of un-certified advocates who so generously and committedly spread the word – regardless of whether they’re wearing the “right” badge or not. Perhaps learning can flow in all directions!

And could we all please pause a moment and swallow an actuality pill - certification does little to guarantee quality and integrity - it's just one path. Stewardship, acknowledgement and sense of belonging are what serve to foster true allegiance and a wish to do well. The rest depends on need and context.

It's time to sow these early beginnings to the four directions and let all cultures and creeds grow them - make them their own. How can we most help each other?

We have to figure these things out for ourselves I guess and in our own sweet time. So happy we have the luxury of no great sense of urgency!

What is clear to me - for people to engage, they first need to be able to locate themselves in a story - a story that resonates with them - Important also then is to consider what story we are telling, and to tell it in ways that are inviting!

For people to invest their short precious lifetimes into committed action towards something other than what they are doing already, it has to be a story that invites curiosity, resonates hearts longing AND inspires action - otherwise it will likely just perpetuate more of the same!

Let's start telling it how it is, and stop telling it how we no longer want it to be – oh, and how about taking a good long look at what the difference is?

After all, we're the ones we've been waiting for, right?

If you’re keen to explore more open source ways for collaborating together then you may be inspired to check out It’s there for everyone, including you.

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