Learn Sociocracy 3.0 from the source

with two of the co-developers of Sociocracy 3.0 

Not just a course on Sociocracy 3.0, but a course on how to run courses. 

Jonathan Gregory, consultant

Leading by example. Awesome facilitation and a lot of structure to move things on. 

Jose M. Blasques, consultant UST Global

to skill up your organization

James and Lili, thank you. I am grateful to see

how my organisation and team is after 6 months of S3. More connection, more open communication towards each other, more efficient meetings, good financial results and people are happier. 

Karin Segers, trainer & coach

We also provide:

Unbelievable - to absorb so much information and learn useful tools without being exhausted; I am happy with the after-care. 

Jolander Deken, Hoorn

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